Originally a native of Johannesburg, South Africa Phil immigrated to the US in 1992 after completing school and military service for the South African Defense Force. After 30 years of competing in various competitive sport, he decided to focus on creating a career based on his lifelong passion for fitness. Based in San Diego, California Phil’s personal fitness coaching was “born” and quickly became a highly sought after trainer.

In 2006 Phil was hired to work with multiple World Champion boxer Miguel Cotto. Through his knowledge, drive and dedication specific physical and nutritional programs were created and implemented for each of his fights since moving into the welterweight division. These programs along with Phil’s fitness coaching has given Miguel the support and edge to be one of the best in the sport. Over the last several years he has found extreme satisfaction in being a part of and working with Miguel Cotto to reach his personal and professional goals.

Apart from his fitness coaching career Phil is most at peace near the ocean and participating in all sports the ocean and lakes have to offer as well as developing his brands under Landman Sports & Apparel Group. His love for sports coupled with his drive to help others to achieve their health, fitness and well being goals as well as develop and establish his companies brands keeps him constantly on the go.